4 Ways to Make the Game That Can't Be Named Even More Awesome

You’re stuck at home and this game is always the perfect time to optimize your experience. See every toe that’s in bounds and hear the crunch of the pile. Here are some real quick and easy ways how:


Looking for a new TV? Let the pros help. We really like this article, How to Choose the Right TV: 6 Things to Consider, from Austere partner ListenUp.  


HDMI Cable

Connecting your devices with a high-quality HDMI cable is one of the best ways to achieve the picture and sound quality you expect from your HDTV and audio components. Your audio and video is only as good as the cables you use and subpar cables mean you are not getting the full performance out of your system. And, while it may be hard to believe, connecting an entry-level HDTV with a premium cable will result in superior performance when compared to a higher-end HDTV with a basic cable. To help you choose the right cable for your system’s needs we’ve put together an HDMI Cable Buying Guide.

4K HDMI Cable

Power Surge Protector

Arguably not the most exciting home theater component, but a reliable power surge protector can dramatically improve your system’s performance. Using our PureFiltration technology, Austere Power products insulate the power signal from external electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference. Not only does interference impact your audio and video experience, but more importantly it can hinder equipment performance and degrade the life of your electronics over time. Be good to your HDTV and components – give them protected and filtered Austere Power!

Surge Protector

Screen Cleaner

Designed for your HDTV (but just as effective on your PC, tablet or phone), Austere Clean & Protect’s gentle solution and micro-fiber clean and polish cloth will leave your screen streak free for a picture-perfect game day. Here are some tips on How to Clean Your TV.

Clean & Protect

Whether you’re an avid football fan or are only interested in the commercials, get the full experience with these easy upgrades!

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