V Series Speaker Cable \\ 100ft

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V Series Speaker Cable \\ 100ft



Austere Speaker Cables are built for durability and designed to deliver flawless sound from source to speaker. Featuring fine-stranded ultra-pure copper that’s been bundled to accurately transfer the full range of audio frequencies to your speaker for a lifelike sound. And with highs, mids and lows transferring at the same rate, your music, media and games have never sounded more pristine.

For smooth wire routing along baseboards and around corners, Austere Speaker Cable is wrapped with our signature SoftTouch, high-flex durable jacket. To further ensure our cables perform every time, we also added our unique precision pull marker to limit stress on the cable. Combined with Austere Banana Adapters, the result is a solution that's technologically superior and visually stunning.

More Than Expected. Always.

Why Gauge Matters \\ Spool Length 100ft - 14-Gauge Recommended For Runs Shorter Than 20ft. It may seem counterintuitive but the lower the gauge, the more copper is involved and larger the cable becomes. The larger the cable, the less resistance and the more sound that can travel through it. We make our speaker cable 12-gauge so nothing stands in that way of the components and your speakers.

Premium Audio \\ Our Premium Audio Speaker Cable is designed with today’s most innovative technologies and advanced specifications possible. Our speaker cable boasts fine-stranded 100% pure oxygen free copper that’s been highly refined to improve conduction and prevent corrosion. This cable enhances the investment you made into your home system by delivering all of the performance possible

Engineered for Excellence \\ Austere Audio cables are engineered using the most advance materials available on the market today

aDesign Philosophy \\ At Austere we not only believe in the details, we obsess over them. Our SoftTouch Cables are nimble and flexible in order to route comfortably in tight places for easy installation. For further ease of use, we’ve included a Precision Pull Marker to limit any stress on the cable and allow for effortless installation

Lifetime Guarantee \\ We stand behind this product for its lifetime. Protection, performance and peace of mind. Always.

  • Austere creates technologically superior products that keep us powered and connected. Products that perform to the highest expectations every single time. We believe in them so much that they’re backed with a lifetime guarantee to never break and never fail ensuring Austere performs to your expectations. Always.

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